The Bench


The electronics workbench… the bench itself, the tools, the layout, etc.


  • shelves below the counter for additional storage
  • on 4″ locking castors, makes this a lot easier to move around

  • built-in fume extractor

  • threaded holes in the surface to anchor pana-vise tools in various positions

  • Mantis and Microscope arms are mounted on a corner of the bench

  • Along the back of the bench (above the backsplash) is a 16” deep shelf for the bench meters, signal generator, electronic loads, and JBC soldering controller

  • Four 8′ shelves above are about 18″ deep, and can handle any of the lab equipment, even large power supplies and Variacs
  • Heat resistant anti-static mat
  • Ground Monitor & wrist strap
  • ESD floor mat
  • ESD safe chair, with ground chain

Equipment Rack (left):

  • 6′ steel frame with 2′ x 4′ reinforced 3/4” plywood shelves
  • Rack is mouned on locking castors for easy access
  • Contains servers, UPS, 3 montiors on articulating arms
  • Additional storage accessible on the back
  • Tool drawer unit, left side (the kind designed to hang on the side of a mechanic’s rolling toolchest)
  • Horizontal file rack (legal-size) to hold component cases, etc.
  • designed to hold heavy equipment like the Fluke 3330B Calibrator


Having good lighting is important.  Hanging directly above the bench is a 4 tube flourescent light, which alone illuminates the benchtop at 700 lux.  There’s also a row of dimmable 5 LED floods (around 2700 K) mounted on a track next to the flourescent fixture and those add another 600 lux… with everything switched on, the bench is litup at 1300 lux!


  • Soldering Tools
    • JBC DIT-1B station
    • JBC CP-1C micro tweezer station
    • Black Jack
    • Hakko
    • CSI 825A Hot Air/Rework
    • CSI474A solder vacuum
  • Microscope
  • Power supplies
  • Meters
    • Agilent 34461A (2)
    • Agilent 34410A
    • Rigol DM3068
    • BK Precision 5491B
    • 1KV Sinometer
    • 5KV Uni-T UT513
  • Oscilloscope
  • Signal
    • Rigol DSA815–TG spectrum analyzer
    • Rigol DG4162 signal generator
    • Rigol DG1022 signal generator
  • LCR
    • BK 879B
    • IET DC-5000
    • 1061 LCZ (bechtop)
  • Logic analyzer
    • Saleae Logic 16
  • Programmable Load
    • Array 3723A
    • Array 3710A


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