Rigol PS1308A – Triple Output Power Supply

The Rigol PS1308A is a really nice unit.  Very stable, clean output.  Beautiful user interface, that’s simple and intuitive.  There’s even an ethernet connection with a web interface.  I haven’t tried out the USB connection with LabView yet.
  • 3 output, 80 watt PSU
  • 0 to +6 volts at 0-5 amps
  • 0 to +25 volts at 0-1 amp
  • 0 to -25 volts as 0-1 amp
  • individually switched outputs, and all on/off

Set the desired voltage and the system will display the set point, and the voltage as measured at its outputs.  On the PS1308A, this is just a 2-wire approach, the PS1116 uses a 4-wire setup.

By default, the display shows all 3 outputs at once, but you can zoom/focus on just one.  If I’m just using one output, then I’ll set it to just focus on that.

For a detailed review of these power supplies, see this series of posts from Shahriar at thesignalpath

I’ll see about posting some tests at a variety of loads… not sure when I’ll get to that.


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