Source code is typically available on GitHub at:  https://github.com/corgitronics/Arduino


  • I just saw your video on the new Keithley supply. I would like to get in contact with the narrator. Is that possible?

  • Dear Sir,

    With great interest i saw your youtube video about : ADE7913 – AC Current Measurement and Observations
    There was a reference in comment to this website for more details. But i did not find further info on it.

    Do you still have the description and source code for Arduino, i would like to test this IC myself for a small project.

    Kind regards,

  • Could someone email me about the Ring Pro doorbell to Nutone Video. Have questions

    • Just post your questions in the video comments and I will try to address them.

      • having issues connecting my Ring Door Bell Pro 2 to my M&S Intercom System, anyway that I could reach out directly to hire you to give me the wiring diagram? Greatly Appreciated Sir!

  • Hi,
    saw your video on simple dynamixel robotic arm. Great video, thanks for sharing.

    I am developing a cleaning product which requires use of programmable robotic arm. How can I contact you?


  • Hello Corgitronics, is there a way for me to get in direct contact with you ???

    • Generally the best way is to leave a comment on the article or more often, my Youtube channel above.

      • Hello, I have a few specific questions that would help me get this done a heck of a lot quicker with your phenomenal expertise with this by being able to directly contact you or you me. Is that possible ?

  • Greetings, saw your Nutone video, can I email you or you email me with questions

  • I have followed your videos regarding current sensing I’m very impressed. I have a project that I need prototyping done with regards to 120v/240v voltage and current sensing as well as relay control of L1 and L2 of up to 240v 30A VAC via Serial to USB. Let me know if this is something you may be interested in, shoot me an email. Thanks

  • Hello,
    Your videos are fantastic! I just purchased a ring pro. I have a Nutone intercom system with built in changeable door bells sounds. It it possible to connect to them.
    Thanks Carlo

  • Hello, university student here working on a pretty interesting project involving dynamixel motors. Just watched your youtube video on them and was wondering if I could pick your (narrator’s) brain on a few questions I had. Feel free to email. Thank you for your time and keep up the great content!

  • Saw your inwall rack and i actually decided to build 1 on wheels, can send pics if u wanna see it, mine is still a work in progress

  • Question: Do you know the pin out of the audio jack on the Livescribe Echo (or Sky) pen?

    I’m trying to take the L&R headphone out from my computer and rig a wire to plug into the Echo 2GB pen and have it record (instead of from the built in mic). The use case is that I am now doing a lot of Zooms and would rather not have to pump the audio through the room speakers so that it can be recorded by my pen. I would like to essentially have a y splitter that connects both to my headset and to a cable going to the Echo pen.

    I have tried a number of different approaches with no luck. They must be using a proprietary pinout to accommodate their “3d sound headset”… it even looks like it is a 5 pole 3.5m plug … not a “standard” TSSR plug. comparison pic here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1727454r-EZLJCjuDGnRzLzqPswtETMrW/view?usp=sharing

    Would love to know if you are still using your livescribe pen and if you ever thought about doing this.

    I love the concept and the utility of their audio recording but am disappointed time after time by their execution and support. even so, I have bought ~6 pens over the years to overcome various technical maladies.

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