Monthly Archives: October 2013

Nav Beacon – Control Board

The control board design is complete, ready to etch it and see if it works… With 127 components (352 connections) there’s probably a Vdd or Gnd trace missing somewhere.


And the top and bottom layouts, without the copper pours.  To control noise on the digital lines, the bottom layer will be as continuous a copper pour as possible.






Mantis Scope arrived!

New Mantis Compact inspection scope arrived, with articulated boom arm.  The Mantis on the left with the standard binocular AmScope on the right.


This scope provides a great 3D view, without peering through little eye pieces.  The Mantis provides a much sharper image than the Amscope’s optics.  And you can shift sligtly while looking through the Mantis and change your perspective of the board, this is very handy for getting a better perspective when working on small devices.

The AmScope is still handy for high magnification (up to 200x), but most inspection work is in the 4x –  8x range, and the Mantis is great for that.

The optional articulating arm provides good reach across the workbench, and was a worthwhile option.