eevBlog µCurrent is here!

Received my µCurrent unit last week, and I finally got around to trying it out.

Nicely made, and performs exactly as described.  But, since it’s from Dave Jones, that’s exactly what I expected.

Dave has provided lots of info about the µCurrent on his site, so I won’t go into the details.  But, I did check the burden voltage:

Range Rating Observed
0 – 300mA 70uV 60uV
0 – 1000uA 10uV 10uV
0 – 1000nA 10uV 10uV

Testing setup:

  • 1.000 on Rigol DP1308A, run through a 1% resistor (different value for each range).
  • voltage drop using BK5491B (50,000 count) DMM.
  • output from µCurrent measured with EX505 (4,000 count) DMM.
  • Temperature 20°C

Procedure: setup for a particular current range, measure voltage with leads connected together(not through the µCurrent), then measure voltage with leads connected through the µCurrent.

Accuracy of µCurrent output:
Checked the accuracy of the current readings from the µCurrent output against the readings from my BK5491B. When using the EX505 to read the uCurrent output, the readings were ±1 of the last digit. When reading the voltage using the BK5491B, the µCurrent output was exactly correct.


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